San Francisco’s temperate climate, dense neighborhoods, limited supply of automobile parking and compact geography have helped create a renewed interest in greener, more efficient transportation alternatives. With more and more people opting to bike to work, school, to run errands and for fun, San Francisco has the potential to become a world-class bicycling city.
Major infrastructure and programmatic improvements have taken place since the San Francisco Bicycle Plan was developed in 1997. Miles of new bicycle lanes have been striped; hundreds of bicycle racks have been installed; educational programs and outreach efforts have been expanded; and the percentage of San Francisco residents who commute to work by bicycle more than doubled from 1990 to 2000 and continues to increase.[1]

Cycling Groups and OrganizationsEdit

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition


Orginization promoting cycling in SF and the Bay Area. Great resource for meetups, safety and training for recreation and commuting cyclists.

The Bike Kittchen


Volunteer organization what offers classes and facilities for cycle repair and maintenance.

Bicycle VendorsEdit

The popularity of cycling in SF ensures there will always be a fresh supply of new and pre-owned bikes for a wide range of budgets.


Criagslist -


Mikes Bikes -

Bike Rentals

Bike Rentals of San Francisco - Blazing Saddles -

Bike RoutesEdit

The Wiggle - the popular multi-block, flattest route between Duboce Park and the Panhandle - is a lovely journey through a largely residential part of the city and some neighborhood retail streets. [2]

Google Map Wiggle route -

Totally sweet bike cam of the Wiggle -

Another totally sweet bike cam of the Wiggle -

San Francisco Bike Coalition Route Map -


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