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The Dogpatch

The Dogpatch (a.k.a "The DP") is located in the flats East of Potrero Hill. It is bounded by Mariposa and 23rd St on the North and South, I-280 and Illinois St to the West and East.


The Dogpatch began as an industrial area during the Gold Rush in 1848. An increase of ship traffice led this area grow rapidly with heavy industry and the working class families that were employed there.

Longbridge (now 3rd st) connected the Dogpatch to downtown San Francisco over Mission Bay

The Dogpatch was originally cut off from downtown San Francisco by Mission Bay until 1865 when a causeway was built over the bay. It is Mission Bay that saved the Dogpatch from the fires that consumed the city after the 1906 earthquake. Because of this the Dogpatch has some of the oldest buildings in San Francisco.

Industry in the Dogpatch grew until after WWII when shipping ports moved to larger more modern facilities in Oakland, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Today the Dogpatch still has many of these older factory and warehouse buildings, but recently more of these have been reclaimed by new commercial endeavors or torn down for residential lofts.

Physical Features[]

While the Dogpatch used to have a varied topography and environment, the hills were leveled and the marshes drained. Today the Dogpatch flat and dry.

Food & Bars[]



  • Piccino
  • Serpentine
  • Hard Knox Cafe
  • Mr & Mrs Miscelleneous
  • Poco Dolce
  • Kitchenette
  • Just For You Cafe
  • Moshi Moshi
  • Dogpatch Cafe
  • Cup of Blues


  • Dogpatch Saloon
  • Yield Wine Bar
  • Retox


  • Cafe Cocomo


  • Esprit Park


  • Rickshaw Bagworks


22 Fillmore bus[]

22 Fillmore

The 22 Fillmore runs from the Marina (Fillmore St & Jefferson St) to the Dogpatch (Tennessee St & 20th St)

T - Line light rail[]


The T-Line runs from West Portal inbound to Bayshore. It runs through the Dogpatch on 3rd street.


Caltrain @ the 22nd St. Stop

Caltrain has a stop at 22nd & Pennsylvania